Sohar Power



Acting as a corporate and responsible citizen, Sohar Power Company has engaged in 2014 resources and actions in favour of local communities, beyond its power generation and water desalination responsibilities.

The projects carried out in 2014 primarily focused on education, health & safety and protection of the environment, in line with the objectives set by the Company and its shareholders.

Below is a highlight of the Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility activities launched in 2014. 

“Let’s Read, Let’s Succeed”

Sohar Power Company was proud to collaborate with the Directorate General of Education in North Batinah to launch a program to develop levels of understanding and speaking of the English language at school. This program supervised and implemented by the English Language Unit aims at developing students’ skills in reading, writing and oral expression. 100 schools of the North Batinah Governorate and 20,000 students in Cycle 1 & 2 will benefit from this program. The program will start in the selected schools in February 2015 and students will take exams in December 2015 to validate the acquired skills and improvements.


Still in the field of education, Sohar Power supported Al Aajal Basic School in Nakhal to convert one of their classrooms into a more adapted learning environment for children facing learning difficulties.  The Ministry of Education has launched a program whereby children having difficulty in learning are identified and enrolled into a specific learning program, requiring different educational methods and more adapted equipment and materials. Sohar Power provided financial support for the design and decoration of the classroom as well as for the purchase of the necessary equipment, in order to transform the classroom into a more pleasant and motivating place to learn.


The Company also provided its support to Sultan Qaboos University for a project carried out by students in the field of Engineering to equip special needs wheelchairs with an electronic umbrella having the ability and flexibility to move in all directions following the movement of the person and protect from sunbeams. Whilst the students conducted the engineering work required to design and assemble the engineered solution, Sohar Power funded the cost of the parts to be purchased for manufacturing 7 special needs wheelchair umbrellas.


Supporting the protection of the environment, the Company organized in collaboration with Shinas Municipality a beach cleaning campaign in Shinas. Almost 200 volunteers from the Municipality, students from local schools, employees of STOMO (the operation and maintenance contractor of the Company) and Sohar Power participated to this event. This activity was a success in terms of mobilization and attendance, and contributed to develop awareness for protection of the environment and the sea coast of Shinas in particular. On the same occasion, Sohar Power also donated 100 dustbin containers to Shinas Municipality to collect waste in the Wilayat.


In collaboration with the Social Development Department of Shinas Municipality, Sohar Power contributed to a project intended to improve the living conditions of the elderly population, as identified by the Social Development Department. The project consisted in funding interior fitting works in some houses in order to make them fitter for living in for people under an in-house-care program.


Sohar Power also supported in 2014 other schools and non-profit making organizations in the organization of a few fund-raising events.