Sohar Power



Acting as a corporate and responsible citizen, Sohar Power Company engaged in 2015 resources and actions in favour of local communities, beyond its power generation and water desalination responsibilities.

The projects carried out in 2015 primarily focused on education, health & safety and protection of the environment, in line with the objectives set by the Company and its shareholders.

The Company celebrated the completion of the project “Let’s Read, Let’s Succeed”, rolled out from February 2015 and concluded in December 2015. Sohar Power Company partnered with the Directorate General of Education in North Batinah to launch this program aiming at improving levels of understanding and speaking of the English language at school. The program was supervised and implemented by the English Language Unit and aims to developing students’ skills in reading, writing and oral expression. 80 schools across North Batinah Governorate and more than 15,000 students in Cycle 1 & 2 benefited from the program. Capitalising on the success of this program, the Ministry of Education has decided to deploy the same in other Governorates. The equipment and materials funded by Sohar Power will be dedicated to train new batches of students.

Still in the field of education, Sohar Power again joined hands with Directorate General of Education in North Batinah Governorate and supplied Smart Interactive whiteboard with projectors that were distributed to schools in the Governorate. 12 interactive whiteboards were distributed among all the 6 Wilayats of the North Batinah Governorate of the basis on 2 schools per Wilayat (1 boys school and 1 girls school). These boards are very useful tutorial tools whereby multiple teaching methods can be achieved, with great benefits for the students and teachers, enriching the educational processes and allowing students to learn different applications. 500 students in each school benefit from each of these Smart Interactive Boards.

The Company also supported Oman Association for the Disabled (OAD), a voluntary charitable organization that provides services to handicapped in Al Dahira and Batinah governorates. Donations to OAD are through companies, associations and philanthropists.  8 electric beds with mattresses and 9 Leisure & Sports wheelchairs were supplied and distributed to beneficiaries through the Association.


Supporting the protection of the environment, the Company organized in collaboration with its O&M contractor STOMO a beach cleaning campaign in Sohar. Volunteers from the Municipality, students from local schools, employees of STOMO and Sohar Power participated to this event. This activity was a success in terms of mobilization and attendance, and contributed to develop awareness for protection of the environment and the sea coast of Sohar in particular.

The Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources recognized the efforts and contributions of the Company towards the municipalities of the North Batinah Governorate during an Award Ceremony held in January 2015.

During the year, the Company became a corporate member in Environment Society of Oman. ESO is involved in promoting conservation of the environment and awareness campaigns in all sectors of the society.

Sohar Power also supported other cultural activities, sports, schools, non-profit making organizations and a few fund raising events.