Sohar Power




Disclosure - Board of Directors' Resolutions

The Board of Directors of Sohar Power Company SAOG is pleased to inform the Muscat Securities Market and the investors’ community that it has resolved the following in its meeting held on 19 October 2016:

1- The Board reviewed and approved the un- audited Financial Statements of the Company for the period ended 30 September 2016 along with the Board of Directors’ Report.  The un-audited Financial Statements can be viewed in the website of Muscat Securities Market and the Company’s website at

2- The Board received and accepted the resignation of Mr. Nizar Qallab from the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee effective from 19 October 2016. The reason for the resignation as stated by Mr. Qallab is due to change in his employment circumstances.     

3- The Board decided to appoint Ms. Gunay Demir as a Temporary member in the Board of Directors (independent) and in the Audit Committee. This appointment shell be presented to the next general meeting for approval.

Ms. Gunay Demir has over 14 years of combined experience leading and executing infrastructure investments and corporate finance transactions.