Sohar Power


Code of Governance Report

A new Code of Corporate Governance (“the Code”) circular E/4/2015 dated 22 July 2015 for Public Listed companies was issued which was applicable from 22nd July 2016.               

Sohar Power believes that the Code of Corporate Governance is an effective tool to improve operational and financial performance of listed companies. The Code of Corporate Governance ensures accountability, which leads to transparency and ensuring impartial treatment to all investors.  This ultimately increases the confidence of shareholders and prospective investors in the results.

We confirm that we are complying with the Code and that we are aiming at the highest standards of governance and at enhancing our image as a good corporate citizen.        

In compliance with the Fourteenth Principle 3 of the above Code, Sohar Power is including this separate chapter on Corporate Governance in its annual financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2018.