Sohar Power



Mr. Yaqoub Harbi Al Harthi
Mr. Yaqoub Harbi Al Harthi
Chief Executive Officer

Year of Joining : 2019
Education : Mechanical Engineering Degree from Sultan Qaboos University in Oman
Experience : Mr. Ya’qoub Al Harthi has been associated with power plant operations and management in various power plants of ENGIE for over 14 years. He was appointed as CEO of Al Batinah Power Company SAOG in 2017 and as CEO of Al-Kamil Power Company SAOG in 2015. Prior to that he was the General Manager of Al Kamil Construction and Services LLC from early 2014. He worked in Rusail Power Station and Sohar Power and Water Plant as operations manager for several years.

Mr. Zoher Karachiwala
Mr. Zoher Karachiwala
Company Secretary

Year of Joining : Since inception of the Company in 2004
Education : Chartered Accountant
Experience : Currently Company Secretary, he was Chief Financial Officer until June 2009. He also acts as Company Secretary for other GDF SUEZ companies in Oman. Mr. Karachiwala has been for 38 years in field of Statutory Audit & Accounting and Finance. He was KPMG Audit Partner in Pakistan before joining United Power Company SAOG in 1995. He acted as Honorary Chairman of Audit Committee and the Board of Directors for a public company in Oman.

Mr. Sreenath Hebbar
Mr. Sreenath Hebbar
Chief Technical Officer

Year of Joining : 2009
Education : Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical), VJTI, Mumbai University, India
Experience : 30 years of work experience, primarily in Business Development of Engineer Procure Construct (EPC) Contracts in Gas Turbine based Cogeneration and Combined Cycle Power Plants. In his current position as Chief Technical Officer, he is responsible for technical liaison with the client, statutory authorities and contractors, and provides technical support to the Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Salah Issa Saleh Al Farsi
Mr. Salah Issa Saleh Al Farsi
Administration Manager

Education:  General Education Diploma

Experience : Salah Al Farsi has accumulated 23 years of experience in administration activities, including management of spare parts logistics, liaisons with government organizations, licensing and permitting, translation activities and supervision of local insurance programs.